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Fine & Fee Payment

Payment methods

The library can choose from a variety of payment methods including: debit cards, credit cards, smart cards, cash and coins.

Multiple currencies

Pay with a variety of different currencies.

Flexible Addons

Standalone or self-check add-on modules allow patrons to pay outstanding fines and fees

Product Details.

Our payment systems offer a variety of payment methods and they are able to work with multiple currencies. All fees can be paid directly at the Self Check.


  • Pay fees and fines directly beside the SelfCheck system
  • Accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Cards, cash and coins
  • Payment only after verification via SelfCheck
  • Option for a paper receipt, email confirmation or text message after transaction is completed
  • Cashless library option
  • All transactions recorded via mk LibManager
  • ILS Communication via SIP2 or NCIP
  • Can be placed beside the SelfCheck or as a standalone kiosk elsewhere
  • Design to complement the Self Check systems
  • Remote maintenance via secure VPN connection


  • Easy mounting at the mk SelfCheck Terminal
  • Use the interface from SelfCheck


  • Ground model beside the SelfCheck
  • Use the interface from SelfCheck
  • Change function available
  • May be placed anywhere in the Library
  • Own interface

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