Provide around-the-clock library access

Self-service kiosk

As a fully-equipped self-service kiosk, patrons can browse the collection as well as borrow and return available library materials and hold items

Location independence

Use in high traffic areas such as airports, hospitals or malls

Product details.

The mk LibDispenser® enables a library service in areas where an independent branch is not possible.


Benefits for your Patron

  • Convenient library extension in public high access areas such as train stations, airports, hospitals, malls, universities, etc.
  • Uses familiar Online Catalog (OPAC) data from your ILS.
  • Handles all types of library materials (books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, games).
  • Checks items out and in. Returned items are immediately available for the nex patron.
  • Item identification and security via RFID.
  • Library card identification via barcode, RFID (i.e. Mifare), magnetic strips.
  • Simple and intuitive touch screen userinterface.
  • Optional Fine and Fee Payment via debit/credit cards.
  • The patron takes only the item, just like a normal library – No extra boxes or cases that need to be returned to the same location.
  • Can be configured to accept any library return item the same as other branches.


Available Options

  • Free-standing indoor or outdoor version.
  • Indoor version with outdoor (through wall) retrieval station (check-in/check-out station).
  • Separate browsing station(s), located beside the retrieval station or standalone browsing kiosk.
  • Audio support.

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